In response to the Governors address and the "Stay At Home" executive order that goes into effect Friday, March 27th, we want to share that all of our departments will remain open as we are considered an Essential Business.

This includes all 3 of our Convenience Stores, our Energy Dept (Propane, Gas, & Lubes), Tire Shop, Service Center, and Office.

 We thank you for your business, and we will continue to provide you with the best service we can during this difficult time. 

Our new hours are:

~Our Energy Plant (LP, Fuels, & Lubes) will remain open & operating on their normal schedule.

~Our Downtown location (Tire Shop, & Service Center) will be Open M-F 8-5, and Open 8 -12 on Saturday

~Our 3 Convenience Stores will be open. 
Click Here to see their Hours.


**Please remember that our "pay at the pump" is open 24/7**


This is temporary, any further changes will again, be posted on Facebook.
God Bless!


Faribault Community coop has a

that can help you.


Call Now - 1-800-266-7645  



From gas, diesel, kerosene and packaged oil, we can deliver it to you.


We can fill your propane cylinders or tanks, do safety checks and offer parts and service. 


Simple oil changes to more complete engine repairs, we can help with it all. Our experienced Faribault service department will keep your vehicle in top condition.

We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. 

Three Convenience Store Locations!

Visit our c-store locations where convenience to you is our priority. 
You'll be able to get gas as well as L.P. Tanks. 

Plus, our store offers all the items to refuel your body with snacks, water, pop and more. 

C-Store West (Mobil)
1419 Division St W

Faribault, MN

Ph: (507) 334-5151 

Mon-Fri 6 AM - 7 PM

Saturday 7 AM - 7 PM

Sunday 8 AM - 5 PM

Cenex Convenience Store East
28 E Division Street
Faribault, MN
 Ph: (507) 334-2458

Mon-Fri 6 AM - 7 PM

Saturday 7 AM - 7 PM

Sunday 8 AM - 5 PM

26 Franklin Street
Morristown, MN
 Ph: (507) 685-4144

Mon-Thursday 6 AM - 7 PM

Friday & Saturday 6 AM - 9 PM

Sunday 7 AM - 6 PM

All 3 locations can exchange 20# and 30# Propane Cylinders
at the same low price as the Bulk Plant

Community Co-Op Membership Benefits

There are many ways you can benefit from being a Co-op Member.

Do you ever need gas?

Do you ever need tires?

If you are on a farm or live in a rural area, do you need fuel or propane?

Doing all of your business at Community Co-op Faribault can pay you back. 
Simply make your purchases as you always do.   
Gas, Tires, Oil Changes, Bulk Fuel, LP Gas and more.

Every time you make a purchase, your purchase will count towards a dividend that may be paid to you the following year.

Join Now!  Simply stop by our downtown Faribault location.


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- Car Checks

- Oil and Break Checks

- Breakdown Services

- Tire Change

- Battery Change

And much more


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